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Modern Technology, Classic Looks

Who would've thought ... belts can be reinvented too. It boggle our minds that you wear pants everyday, but might not even have a belt that gives you the perfect fit. Our Genetric belts with no holes will ensure that the most important person in your life (oh wait that's you) will never step outside again without feeling perfect. 


  • Adjustable sizes - The Genetric Belt always come in a 52'' leather strap. With just a pair of scissors and a minute of your time, you can easily trim the belt to fit your needs. 
  • No more holes - It might be sad to say goodbye, but we promise you won't be missing them for long. Unless you enjoyed worn out holes and wearing belts that were too loose or too tight. We don't judge. 
  • Ratchet belt system Modernized mechanisms that make your belt wearing experience fast and simple, all with the push of a button. Works just like a zip tie ... except you know ... you can actually open it.
  • Sleek designs - Looking good is just as important as feeling good. Not only does The Genetric Belt provide a better belt wearing experience, we can also promise that it'll take your outfit to the next level. 
  • Perfect gift for men - With all these holidays, original gifts are getting harder and harder to find. Whether it's for friends or family, this is sure to lighten up the important people in your life. 
  • Our Guarantees - We believe in the excellent quality of our belts as well as the amazing customer service we provide. If our belt does not meet your expectations please email within 30 days of delivery and we will set you up with a replacement or refund at your decision.
  • Free Shipping - We offer free shipping to all our customers. Expected US delivery 3-5 business days. International delivery please allow 5-7 days of processing time due to high demands and customs.


What are you still waiting for? All these upsides and no downside, it's like eating ice cream without gaining weight.

"Don't change your style, Improve it"